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> > References:
> > Kathryn's site: http://katspace.net/fandef.shtml#slash says "Most of the
> > time a slash story is explicitly sexual"
>I think I need to revise my definition...

Mmm, possibly... I'd say you need to revise the counterarguments, at the 
very least, since they're profoundly stupid and thus make *us* look stupid. 
(Your own arguments were fine, btw.) Has nobody ever said anything smarter 
in defence of slash? (One counterargument for "what about friendship" would 
be that slash is only one possibility and a lot of us actually write 
friendship stories as well. But the problem is very real, not only in slash, 
but in het as well.)

I do object to the idea that slash equals pornography, since some of it 
doesn't include sex and some of the stories that do include sex include a 
lot of other things as well. For example, I wouldn't consider "Priest" a 
pornographic film because there's gay sex in it, so I find no reason to call 
a slash story pornographic if it's like that. There is a term for fanfic 
porn, it's PWP, read as "Plot? What plot?" or "Porn without plot". And 
that's unspecific, it can be straight or gay.

I'm not saying all slash stories are fabulous or anything like it. A lot is 
muck, and I know it took a lot of time for me to like it because the first 
stories I ran into were both pornographic and unrealistic. But as of today, 
about 1/3 of the stories I have written are slash stories, and that's a 
percentage I think is going to remain.



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