Euro-Colony fantasy (was Re: Dart-Thornton (was Australian Fantasy))

Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Wed Jun 26 01:46:03 EDT 2002

Jon Noble wrote:
> rocks don't need faces - the Australian bush can be a
> scary place. It is an untamed landscape - and very
> unforgiving.

It's still home, though.
Unlike the original settlers (and probably many modern-day settlers) we
aren't looking back to "the old country" as home. For better or worse, this
land's got ahold of us. Europe is beautiful and old and sad and rich and I
love it there, but to come back from the Seine, the Rhine, the Danube, the
Thames to the great, brown serpentine Brisbane River, to know you're in the
heart of a city when all you can see are trees with the occasional rooftop,
or to head out west where the definition of "green" is quite alien to the
European meaning of the word is quite a different thing. I never liked
Dorothea Mackellar's poem, and I think 'love' is the wrong word anyway. I
love Germany. I love Colorado and Pensylvania. But Australia is home and I
can't shake that, even if I wanted to:

"South of my days' circle, part of my blood's country, ...
... full of old stories that still go walking in my sleep."

(to grossly abridge Judith Wright)

(Does anyone still not know there are Australians on the list?)


Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar.
How destitute is a heart that misses nothing.
       - Ýmir, Einar Benediktsson
Kathleen Jennings
s368333 at

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