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sitting against a brick wall)
She is going to start me on Tad Williams 

Maybe you'd better leave these till after your thesis.
I loved both Memory sorrow and thorn (have two
autgraphed vols in this series) and Otherland. They
are not short, both have lots of characters and
complex plots requiring attention - and once started
difficult to stop. In our family we teased whoever was
reading MS & T with cries of "beware the false

and I
> also have been lent
> Terry
> > Goodkind's Stone of Tears. Am in two minds after
> Wizard's First Rule.
> Maybe
> > this will clear things up. 

I'm unsure what to make of Goodkind, the later books
seem very Right Wing, without being as well argued as
Heinlein. Maybe he's leading somewhere. I did like the
first couple. The plots of the more recent books seem
very forced too.

Jon Noble

"It is bad luck to disturb the spirits of a
Tom Harlan "The gate of fire"  (just read that line
and loved it)

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