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Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Jun 25 23:26:41 EDT 2002

> audience.  Indeed, with the advent of the World Wide Web, fan fiction
> has a *huge* audience, much larger than it used to in the days when fan
> fiction was published only in fanzines.

I'm surprised some of the sites haven't been shut down. I know some Buffy
and Angel sites have been killed off by the production company. (And think
they're cutting their own throats by doing so. Why do they want to upset
their fans?) The copyright problems of using other people's characters can
be awesome...

> is.  (My own comparison is that I've gotten much more feedback from
> net-published stories than from fanzine-published stories)

Aha - that's because e-mail is much easier to compose and send than a

You read on the screen, compose the e-mail and SEND.
No seeking out a pen, buying stamps, going to the PO...
Instant gratification!

> Sallyo, do you have a comparison as to how much audience response you
> got for your books before and after you had a web page?  Or did you
> always have a web-page?

My Pages ( http://www.sallyodgers.com and http://sallyodgers.50megs.com )
have existed in one form or other since 1996.

I get about the same amount of feedback from readers that I always got, only
some of it comes as e-mail now. I like that. It's easy and cheap to answer,
and the fans can get a response in hours rather than weeks or months
(because the snail letters come via my publishers...).

Sometimes, schools get their children to write stories featuring *my*
characters or TV programme characters. Alarm bells ring all over the place
for me when this happens, because some of the cherubs then enter the stories
in competitions and get soundly disqualified. And I, as tutor for one of the
national competitions, have to tell the children (as part of my contract)
that they *must not* do that.

"Plag" is a major problem in competition writing - as is ignoring wordcount.


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