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Tue Jun 25 22:26:29 EDT 2002

Am starting a friend on DWJ (after getting through Prydain in double-quick
time. I read the High King out loud in its entirety yesterday with one break
for dinner. I have a sore throat starting half-way along my tongue. We
finished with me, as usual, in tears and her curled up on the floor with her
face buried in her arms). My sister brought Dogsbody back to Brisbane for me
and I'm not giving it to my friend until she has finished her exam today
(yes, it is exams and we spent half a day reading aloud), so I've been
flipping through it trying not to get hooked again just before I give it
away. I remember it as a lot lighter than it actually is, but am enjoying it
more. Maybe I grew up a bit between readings (some books - the best books -
grow up with you).
I have to say, I was really taken aback when I discovered some of the darker
side of DWJ - particularly Time of the Ghost, which was in the children's
section of the library (wrong place for it in my opinion).
Anyhoo, with the sort of stories she writes and what she reads (incl. some
Aus. fantasy which when she *told* me about it had me looking over my
shoulder when I was sitting against a brick wall) I'm hoping she'll enjoy
it. She is going to start me on Tad Williams and I also have been lent Terry
Goodkind's Stone of Tears. Am in two minds after Wizard's First Rule. Maybe
this will clear things up. Somewhere in here I am also meant to be writing a
Wish me luck (with Dogsbody at least)!

Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar.
How destitute is a heart that misses nothing.
       - Ýmir, Einar Benediktsson
Kathleen Jennings
s368333 at

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