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Tue Jun 25 21:03:18 EDT 2002

> LOL!  I'm sorry, I just got this image of a bunch of women 
> crouching over a
> cauldron, arguing over semantics and sex scenes....

I don't think they had a cauldron as such. But look at the acknowledgements.

> Are you talking about other fantasy that has the opposite 
> religious agenda?
> Which ones, other than Narnia?  I'm curious because I never really 
> noticesuch things unless the book is preaching something I'm 
> ardently opposed to
> (whether religion or anything else).

I wasn't specifically thinking of fantasy, per se, but more of all the
guff that gets written in general about how Harry Potter is evil, etc.
If I come across fantasy with an overtly Christian agenda, I tend not to
read it, so I suspect this is why I don't have ready examples.


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