OT/Gary Stu (fanfic definition query)

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 25 20:59:21 EDT 2002

> This is still my gut feeling, though I try suppress it because the 
> universeof fanfic has changed so much and I know this is not 
> always the case any
> more.  I don't really *understand* the impulse, but that doesn't 
> mean it's a
> bad idea.

I am a lot more in sympathy with this particular side of the
publish/don't publish divide; because what really bugs me are people who
get enough of a name so that they can and do publish everything they
write - and not all of it is particularly worthy. Eg. the authors we
have been talking about as 'burnt out' - if they sneeze on a kleenex it
is somehow a reasonable short story. I think a little bit of modesty
about intended audience is no bad thing.


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