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Tue Jun 25 16:29:30 EDT 2002

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 23:53:43 -0600, rohina at wrote:

>> Kathryn:
>> >Indeed.  I couldn't stand it.  One more patronizing anti-
>> Christian rant
>> >and I just gave up on the book altogether.  One of the few novels I
>> >haven't finished.
>> That was another part of it too - I could only take so much.
>Personally, I found it a nice balast for all the things out there with
>the opposite religious agenda. Of course, one has to ignore all of MZB's
>recanting over the years. But my friends and I subscribe to the theory
>that her coven actually wrote the novel.

LOL!  I'm sorry, I just got this image of a bunch of women crouching over a
cauldron, arguing over semantics and sex scenes....

Are you talking about other fantasy that has the opposite religious agenda?
Which ones, other than Narnia?  I'm curious because I never really notice
such things unless the book is preaching something I'm ardently opposed to
(whether religion or anything else).

Melissa Proffitt
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