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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Tue Jun 25 16:23:45 EDT 2002

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:31:46 +0200, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

>>2.   I just kind of think it's a waste to write something you can't sell or
>>"publish" in any normal way.
>Without getting into the subject of fanfiction (I'm a ficcer, and I know 
>plenty of ficcers that aren't only better than me, but sometimes better than 
>the stuff they work from), I think this particular comment, which is a 
>common one, is so sad. 

When I first encountered fanfic, I thought it was sad that the writers I
knew were spending their time writing stuff that could never be
published--but let me explain why.  This was in the days before it was
disseminated via the Internet, back in the late Cretaceous, and my friends
who wrote it did so because they were terrified of criticism, afraid that if
they sent out their writing for publication, it would be savaged by editors.
They saw fanfic as a safe environment in which there would be only praise
and happiness and they would never have to change a word of what they wrote
because it wasn't meant for public consumption--just to be passed among

This is still my gut feeling, though I try suppress it because the universe
of fanfic has changed so much and I know this is not always the case any
more.  I don't really *understand* the impulse, but that doesn't mean it's a
bad idea.

Melissa Proffitt
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