OT/Gary Stu (fanfic definition query)

Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Tue Jun 25 13:56:49 EDT 2002

sally odgers wrote:
>>2.   I just kind of think it's a waste to write something you can't sell or
>>"publish" in any normal way.

At 3:31 PM +0200 6/25/02, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

>Without getting into the subject of fanfiction (I'm a ficcer, and I 
>know plenty of ficcers that aren't only better than me, but 
>sometimes better than the stuff they work from), I think this 
>particular comment, which is a common one, is so sad. People do 
>hundreds of things every day that they can't sell, in some cases 
>because of copyright factors, in some because it's not good enough, 
>in some because they don't want to. From that point of view, 
>planting flowers in your window or singing in the shower is a waste. 
>Having a cat that doesn't breed exhibition kittens is a waste. It's 
>not done to make money, or even to show. It's just done to make life 

I was surprised to learn recently from Ingrid that the entire hobby 
of knitting from patterns is based on this kind of intellectual 
property model: in almost every case, you are not allowed to sell 
work you have knitted from a copyrighted pattern, and in most cases, 
the sweaters are also unavailable from "official" sources. So the 
only way these patterns gets disseminated is via the original 
for-sale publication, or by seeing the "fanfic" completed or 
in-progress pieces.

It's enough to give a content-creator pause.

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