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> Katta wrote:
> > Um, no, and no. Slashfic is not primarily a pornographical genre but a
> > romantic one that ranges in its sexual explicitness from G to NC-17,
> > where even NC-17 isn't necessarily worse than anything by Jean Auel. And
> > femslash (female slash) exists in most of the main fandoms and several
> > small ones: out of the top of my head I can mention Buffy the Vampire
> > Slayer, Smallville, Dark Angel, X-Men and Star Trek Voyager.
> I'm sorry if I in some way offended you.  As I said before:
> slashfic is not
> *always* a pornographic genre but it is true that the definition often
> includes primarily (often -- not primarily.).  It is also true
> that if you
> look at a number of web-dictionary sites slashfic will be *defined* as
> pornographic...take the different definitions for what you will.

I've never met a slash writer who doesn't take offence at the term
"pornographic" being used to describe their writing.  There are vastly long
discussions about this all over the internet.

"Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes."

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