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Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at oberlin.edu
Tue Jun 25 12:06:51 EDT 2002

Katta wrote:
> Um, no, and no. Slashfic is not primarily a pornographical genre but a
> romantic one that ranges in its sexual explicitness from G to NC-17,
> where even NC-17 isn't necessarily worse than anything by Jean Auel. And
> femslash (female slash) exists in most of the main fandoms and several
> small ones: out of the top of my head I can mention Buffy the Vampire
> Slayer, Smallville, Dark Angel, X-Men and Star Trek Voyager.
I'm sorry if I in some way offended you.  As I said before: slashfic is not 
*always* a pornographic genre but it is true that the definition often 
includes primarily (often -- not primarily.).  It is also true that if you 
look at a number of web-dictionary sites slashfic will be *defined* as 
pornographic...take the different definitions for what you will.  Also, as 
I said, female slashfic is not *unheard of*, it is rarer, from a number of 
definition sites I've looked at, it's rarer *by far* to the point that 
again, slashfic is sometimes *defined* as male characters only.  In short: 
there's a lot of definitions.  None of them are per se correct or 
not...I've gathered below some of the different ones I've 
found...read/choose for yourself
Kathryn's site: http://katspace.net/fandef.shtml#slash says "Most of the 
time a slash story is explicitly sexual"
Slate article: http://www.slate.msn.com/?id=80225 calls slash the "X-rated 
subculture of fan fiction" and relates in a side bar that "lesbian slash is 
less common than gay slash"
Web definitions: 
http://www.worldzone.net/themes/ssjtrinity/definitions.html defines slash 
as male only but any homosexual relationship, not necessarily explicit.
http://www.englishchick.com/badfic/badgloss.htm and just to have a *really* 
different definition, this defines it as any fanfic with sexual 
relationships that don't exist in the original, whether same-sex or elsewise
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