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rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 25 12:04:08 EDT 2002

> Without getting into the subject of fanfiction (I'm a ficcer, and 
> I know 
> plenty of ficcers that aren't only better than me, but sometimes 
> better than 
> the stuff they work from), I think this particular comment, which 
> is a 
> common one, is so sad. People do hundreds of things every day that 
> they 
> can't sell, in some cases because of copyright factors, in some 
> because it's 
> not good enough, in some because they don't want to. From that 
> point of 
> view, planting flowers in your window or singing in the shower is 
> a waste. 
> Having a cat that doesn't breed exhibition kittens is a waste. 
> It's not done 
> to make money, or even to show. It's just done to make life richer.

Yay, Katta. I totally agree.

One of the most fun things I ever did was to write a book which was only
ever meant to be read by two people.


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