OT/Gary Stu (fanfic definition query)

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at oberlin.edu
Tue Jun 25 09:48:42 EDT 2002

> (Cringing at knowledge of own ignorance) Slashfic?
Um, it's a subgenre of fanfic that involves a homosexual romance, usually 
between two main male characters (although it's not completly unheard of 
for female charcters, although I've been informaed by friends who read such 
that female slash is generally reserved for Xena and Gabrielle).  It's 
often pornographical.  I've never actually read any, but have heard a great 
deal about it from my Fanfic reading friends.  It is called "slash" because 
of the slash between the names of the two charcters featured (like 
	In my opinion, it is (slightly) disturbing, particularly when it ventures 
into the halls of Hogwarts and apparently the not infrequent Draco/Snape 
slashes, but you're also talking to the girl who gave up on Lackey because 
the Kris and Talia scene was too explicit, so...
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