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Tue Jun 25 09:31:46 EDT 2002

>2.   I just kind of think it's a waste to write something you can't sell or
>"publish" in any normal way.

Without getting into the subject of fanfiction (I'm a ficcer, and I know 
plenty of ficcers that aren't only better than me, but sometimes better than 
the stuff they work from), I think this particular comment, which is a 
common one, is so sad. People do hundreds of things every day that they 
can't sell, in some cases because of copyright factors, in some because it's 
not good enough, in some because they don't want to. From that point of 
view, planting flowers in your window or singing in the shower is a waste. 
Having a cat that doesn't breed exhibition kittens is a waste. It's not done 
to make money, or even to show. It's just done to make life richer.



"Killing ten vampires is a lot harder than killing one."
"Does the word 'duh' mean anything to you?"
(Kristy Swanson made a better Buffy - in a poorer story.)

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