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On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 11:22:04PM -0400, Voicebearer at aol.com wrote:
> To my embarrassment, I'm still not really sure of what is meant by fanfic. 
> Any help? (You should have heard the laughter from my cronies when I didn't 
> really grasp slashfic!)

Ah, how unkind of them; "slash" doesn't at all mean what it might appear
to mean at first glance.  But I'm a little surprised that you don't know
what fanfic means, if you do know what slashfic means, considering that
slashfic is a subgenre of fanfic ("At least, in all the usages I am
familiar with," she added, remembering that we have a linguist on the

The word "fanfic" is short for "fan fiction", which is fiction written
by fans.   Fans of something, usually TV show or Movie, which is taken
as the background for the fiction.  When Sherlock Holmes fans do this,
it is called a "pastiche" because they are more pretentious. (evil grin)
> All responses gratefully received and filed!

Take a look at <http://www.katspace.com/fandef.shtml> for some fannish

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