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On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 04:25:01PM +1000, Sally Odgers wrote:
> I believe fanfic is fiction written using ready-existing characters
> from other book series or (more likely) TV series. They are written by
> fans of the original. A lot of very good writers indulge in fanfic,
> which I find very strange. I always wish they'd leave the fan stuff
> alone and write something original. However, I stress that that's *my*
> opinion only, and may be skewed by the fact that I often have to write
> stories about existing characters for work... and don't much like
> doing it. I mean - other people like watching football, and I can't
> understand that, either.


Well, don't forget that fan fiction writers have a lot more freedom in
how they write than you probably do when you have to write for existing
characters -- not least that they can pick which existing characters
they write about, for starters!  And I wouldn't be surprised if you had
a lot of rules laid down for you as to what these existing characters
are and are not allowed to do -- no wonder it's such a chore!

As for leaving fan fiction alone and writing something "original"...
well, would you make that complaint if they were writing historical
fiction?  Because in one sense that's what fanfic is; it's just that the
"history" in which it's set is an imaginary one.

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