Dart-Thornton (was Australian Fantasy)

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 25 01:51:35 EDT 2002

> One way to do it is to use the characters in a fish-out-o'-water 
> story...i.e. I have a w.i.p. (which may be forever i.p.) about an 
> Irish girl
> transported as a convict who is accompanied to the colonies by the 
> familyleprechaun. Since Leary O'Leary is at least partly a figment 
> (um - I mean
> partly "created" by the family) he settles in the colonies and 
> begins to
> take on aspects of his new environment.

My favourite Australian Fatasy story is one of these. It is called
Merryl(?) of the Stones by Brian Caswell. Sorry about the vagueness of
the title, but, you know, books in storage. Anyway, I highly recommend
it, if you can find it. The Aussie girl goes to Wales, and then she goes
back in time. The Australian element only comes in tangentially, in the
way she ends up thinking about how magic works in the world. I found it
effective and unpreachy, which is a refreshing change.


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