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--- Ven <vendersleighc at> wrote:
. I once read a
> book that was probably called The Navigators,
> author forgotten, it was about the building of
> the railways and the disruption caused in a small
> village by the sudden appearence of an
> encampmnent of navigators -- navvies, the guys
> who dug out the railway cuttings, laid the tracks
> etc. It's YA and doesn't pull its punches re hard
> word, poverty, prejudice and so on. The ending is
> a revelation, she (I'm sure the author is female)
> focuses on the present off her story so that
> everyone, reader included, fails to remember the
> point of the whole enterprise  until, suddenly,
> the railway is there, up and running and they can
> get to the city in an hour, or the seaside in 30
> minutes................ Wish I could remember the
> author, hope someone else can.

This could be "the navigators" by Anthony Burton, pub
my Macdonalds & Janes 1976. Found in the library of
Congress on-line catalog - it is the only novel there
of this title and the author's other books which cover
industrial archaeology, railways and another novel
called "the miners" suggest this is the book you want.
Not a female author though.

Jon Noble

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