Arthurian Fantasy

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Mon Jun 24 23:15:01 EDT 2002

<< But apart from that, I'm sick of Arthurian tales also.  I hate reading 
them knowing the disaster to come. I'm not that much of a masochist. >>

Arthurian fantasy got really hot sometime in the late '70s and a whole 
cartload of it got dumped on us about then. Some of them weren't all that 
bad, but most were perfectly awful.

Taking a sidestep without actually changing the subject; If the Arthurian 
feel is what you like but don't want a story that you already know the end 
of, Teresa Edgerton did a couple of trilogies about a decade aggo which were 
set in an AU which was blatantly Arthurian, striking all of the same 
quasi-celtic twilight notes, but with enough glaring departures from canon 
Arthuriana that you were not convinced that it was going to ultimately follow 
the same pattern at all. (Both sets followed other characters of the court 
anyway.) Really very good if you go in for pseudo-celtic.
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