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Mon Jun 24 21:57:55 EDT 2002

Name: Marie Denley (aka Mrs Nokes in private life)

Occupation: until early retirement last September, lecturer in English, 
King's College London. I taught Old and Middle English, and my own special 
option paper, Children's Fantasy Literature. Now joint carer for my elderly 
mother, gradually slipping into dementia, alas

Age: 52 (hell's teeth, you're all so young on this list!)

Married:  to my colleague, David 'Prof' Nokes, biographer and screenplay 

Children: one daughter (severely dyslexic but loves books including DWJ - 
Chrestomanci stuff on tape especially; 12; adopted - we are proud and 
delighted to acknowledge that) 

I live between: Bolton, Lancashire (my home town, 'ecky thump and eeh bah 
goom) in term time, and Cambridge in the vacations

How I discovered the list:  pootling around the Internet preparing 
bibliography and webliography for my Children's Fantasy Lit. course some 
years ago. Pressure of work, then pressure of caring duties, meant a lot of 

Favourite DWJ novel: Fire and Hemlock (well, what else would you expect a 
medievalist taught by DWJ's husband John 'Prof' Burrow to say?)

Favourite authors: oh golly … Geoffrey Chaucer, Jane Austen, Anne Bronte, 
George Eliot, Robertson Davies; in the children's department, Susan Cooper 
(mainly for The Dark is Rising' - the novel of that title rather than the 
whole sequence), DWJ obviously, Philip Pullman (he would kill me for 
pigeonholing him in the children's box, and I heartily approve his inclusive 
approach to writing).

Number of books owned: God only knows (and even she may not be up to date!), 
given two academic libraries plus 3 cases of rampant bibliomania in the 
family to accommodate. We recently moved our family home from London to 
Cambridge. Pickford's ran out of cardboard boxes, the removal van had splayed 
wheels, and we believe the extensive resurfacing of the M11 is down to the 
effect of our pantechnicon (but we're keeping very quiet!)

Hobbies apart from reading: Scots Gaelic vocal music (and now I'm retired I'm 
going to make a second stab at learning the language, helped by a course on 
disk); reiki (I'm now at level 2, and going for Master/Teacher in the long 
run); cultivating my garden (for herbs, not regimented rows of salvias and 

It's been fascinating reading the other introductions, and congratulations to 
- was it Philip Belben? - for suggesting we all emerge a little way from the 
closet. One picks up one's impressions of a person from e-mails indirectly, 
but it's good to have direct input to add.

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