Dart-Thornton (was Australian Fantasy)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Mon Jun 24 21:36:12 EDT 2002

> celtic folklore worked well, what really niggled me
> were the Australianisms that kept appearing.
> References to Australian plants or animals, or
> expressions (some of which are possibly Irish in
> origin). They seem very out of place in a story so
> celtic in inspiration.

That's what I was getting at, only from the other direction.  It's the old
"write what you know" chestnut. Unfortunately, what Euro/Australians "know"
is Euro/Brit/Celtic Roman/Greek mythology, *and* Australian setting.

If we give up the existing mythologies, we have lost a huge chunk of of
fiction-well, but if we set books o/s we reinforce the wretched idea that
"Australians don't write fantasy".

One way to do it is to use the characters in a fish-out-o'-water story...
i.e. I have a w.i.p. (which may be forever i.p.) about an Irish girl
transported as a convict who is accompanied to the colonies by the family
leprechaun. Since Leary O'Leary is at least partly a figment (um - I mean
partly "created" by the family) he settles in the colonies and begins to
take on aspects of his new environment.


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