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Kathleen wrote

If I get past honours, I'd really like to compare

the rlwy in Australian,
American and Indian books. Very different from 
British - not altering
society, but making it possible, tying together 
distances, or a symbol of
Empire... But not now! My topic is already very 
broad and only possible
because there hasn't been a lot written on the 
rail in children's

This all sounds really interesting. I once read a
book that was probably called The Navigators,
author forgotten, it was about the building of
the railways and the disruption caused in a small
village by the sudden appearence of an
encampmnent of navigators -- navvies, the guys
who dug out the railway cuttings, laid the tracks
etc. It's YA and doesn't pull its punches re hard
word, poverty, prejudice and so on. The ending is
a revelation, she (I'm sure the author is female)
focuses on the present off her story so that
everyone, reader included, fails to remember the
point of the whole enterprise  until, suddenly,
the railway is there, up and running and they can
get to the city in an hour, or the seaside in 30
minutes................ Wish I could remember the
author, hope someone else can.

And i didn't even think of that book when i began
the post. What I meant to say is here's my list
of railways in Dwj, including ones already

Black Maria    A railway runs to the town. Chris
and Mig find their old car in the station carpark
and watch all the stepford commuters come home.

Crown of Dalemark   As aforesaid, it begins with
maewen taking a long train journey. The green
roads along which they travel form the future
rail network, hence Wend's interest in the

Eight Days of Luke  Luke arrives at his
relative's house by train. Because of strikes his
luggage is delayed, which is the start of his

Fire and Hemlock   Polly travels to both Bristol
and London by train (there's a sinister encounter
with mr leroy at a station). The traditional
faery ride is replaced by the train ride from
Miles Cross. And there's a ghost train, which is
probably outside your remit. 

Homeward Bounders Jamie Helen and Joris pose as
trainspotters to get on a train without paying.
The rail arches are an important landmark in
Jamie's home town.

A Tale of Time City    Vivian starts off on an
evacuee train.

Stealer of Souls (novella in Mixed Magics) Tonino
and Cat go on a train by themselves to visit
Gabriel de Witt. 




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