Dart-Thornton (was Australian Fantasy)

Emma Comerford s369161 at student.uq.edu.au
Mon Jun 24 20:27:45 EDT 2002

At 02:27 PM 6/24/02 -0700, Jon Noble wrote:

>I enjoyed the story and thought the elements from
>celtic folklore worked well, what really niggled me
>were the Australianisms that kept appearing.
>References to Australian plants or animals, or
>expressions (some of which are possibly Irish in
>origin). They seem very out of place in a story so
>celtic in inspiration. I kept waiting for a kangaroo
>to appear (perhaps in book three)

This irritated me as well. I'd have an internal picture of a
British/European forest (not that I really know these well) and then there
would be native Australian trees and flowers, which jarred me out of the
picture. (If that makes sense). Another thing that annoyed me (though I
read this a while ago now) was that sometimes it felt like I was reading a
book on celtic myths and legends - she seemed to consciously be adding in
as many stories as possible, but in a manner that didn't flow with the main

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