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Mon Jun 24 19:34:35 EDT 2002

> I liked it better than the Darkovers (aside my wife
> calls one of her items of clothing Marion because it
> is a "dark overcoat"), but prefered the one about
> Cassandra even more. Mists of Avalon does have far too
> many new-agey overtones which is a guaranteed turn of
> for me. But i did think it was a vaild extension of
> the Matter of Britain, better than most (not as good
> as Th White - but as good as mary Stewart or Parke
> Godwin).
Loved it the first time round. Reread it recently (because lots of my
friends were reading it) and it really irritated me. I could cope with the
new agey stuff and I liked the evolution of the characters and how often
circumstances beyond one's control conspired to push the action in another
usually darker direction. I liked how she adapted the Arthurian myth. What
really grated was a fairly trivial thing to most, but I am a linguist and
she was grossly incompetent in naming the characters. Some people had
Insular Celtic names. Others had Irish ones. Yet others Welsh ones. Irish
and Welsh evolved from Insular Celtic; they did not coexist with it. And
then some had names straight from Arthurian stories of the late mediaeval
period - i. e. from Mallory. She could at least have kept those Welsh. But
the pinnacle of annoyance was the name Kevin, which was unfortunately
bestowed on one of the principal characters. It is the anglicized form of
Caoimhin (Irish), and it makes me think of footballers.

One day I'll have to try Tolstoy's one about
> Merlin again. My wife and daughters all love it.

It has a wonderful description of farters entertaining at a banquet. But
it's a bit heavy-going. If I want to read stuff in heroic style I'd rather
stick with the original text, not a modern imitation

> Which one DID you like (unless it was TH White)?
> > (Just found out that there was a movie made of it
> > last year).

A movie of what? MZB or THW?

> I have seen this on DVD, not too bad really, for
> something to watch - lets face it there is not a great
> deal of good fantasy  available. Has anyone seen
> Gormenghast - I missed it when it was on and it
> doesn't seem to be on Video?

It was good. But then I haven't read the book. I videoed the programme -
where exactly do you live?

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