Dart-Thornton (was Australian Fantasy)

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On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 02:27:56PM -0700, Jon Noble wrote:
[Celia Dart-Thornton, The Ill-Made Mute]
> I enjoyed the story and thought the elements from
> celtic folklore worked well, what really niggled me
> were the Australianisms that kept appearing.
> References to Australian plants or animals, or
> expressions (some of which are possibly Irish in
> origin). They seem very out of place in a story so
> celtic in inspiration. I kept waiting for a kangaroo
> to appear (perhaps in book three)

That wasn't actually what disconcerted me about the book; I felt as if
the celtic folklore *didn't* work well at all.  To me, it felt as if
there were two different books patched together: one was full of celtic
folklore, the other was an original universe with nifty things like
anti-gravity metal, time-winds and so on.  The two simply didn't fit
together, not in my mind, and that made the whole thing rather awkward.
That isn't to say that the two things couldn't have been *made* to fit
together, for example, by putting the celtic folklore through a
sea-change to make them fit their new setting, but as it was, it was
just *arbitrary*, and therefore like lumps in badly-made sauce.

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