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On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 10:44:45AM +0800, hemlocke wrote:
> One thing that bugs me about Lackey is that she cannot resist preaching her
> personal values through her books - like her thinly disguised feminism. I've
> nothing against feminism obviously, being female but please, do stop the
> preaching.

Well, I haven't come across her feminist preaching, but certainly came
across... an agenda, in the urban elves books -- all of them I've read
so far seem to be about runaways, and the Evil people who prey on them
-- as if the whole series was set up as a PR campaign to persuade
teenagers not to run away from home.   And I'm not saying that wanting
to use one's popularity to Do Good is a bad thing, it's just that having
an agenda tends to erode the quality of a book...

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