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Hemlocke said...

> I agree. Her writing is uneven at best - I loved the Last Herald Mage
> trilogy and it is by far her best. All others generally do not come close.
> If you want to read Lackey, stick with that. Among the more
> tolerable series
> would be the Mage Storms. I have a soft spot for Elspeth, I don't
> know why.

Heh.  I like Elspeth too.  Possibly because she has one of the more
believable inferiority complexes in Lackey's work, and she has the good
sense to realise what she's good at and what she's not good at, and the
balls to refuse to do the latter and stick with the former.
> Stay far far away from The White Gryphon and Arrows of the Queen. THAT
> particular (Arrows) series seems to be a favourite with the fans
> but I have
> always found them to be horrifically boring, to say the least. ANd Talia
> bugs me with her goodness.

I agree utterly about "The White Gryphon" (and the other two in that
trilogy).  Even the settings in that trilogy are dull, and the
characterisation is *terrible*!  I do quite like the "Arrows" trilogy, but
they were her first books and that does show.  I need to be in the right
mood for them now (needing something a bit melodramatic, a bit nostalgic,
that doesn't require brain-power! - I add "nostalgic" here because I do read
them harking back to the teen-angst period of my life).
> As for her non-Valdemar books, the Serpent's Shadow was a huge joke. Poor
> characterisation coupled with one of the most stereotyped views of Indians
> and Hinduism and a totally uninteresting romance got me seriously
> irritated.

I really liked the setting (meaning Edwardian London, not the stuff about
Indians - aside from anything else, the one-dimensional view of Kali annoyed
me rather!) in that one, and some of the story, but I do feel it badly
needed at least two rewrites.  One to get rid of the preaching and one to
make the ending work. :-)
> One thing that bugs me about Lackey is that she cannot resist
> preaching her
> personal values through her books - like her thinly disguised
> feminism. I've
> nothing against feminism obviously, being female but please, do stop the
> preaching.

She's worse in some books than others, I find.  "The Serpent's Shadow" was a
horrendous example in that area; I found it rather as though she thought the
suffragettes' battle still needed fighting!  "The Fire Rose" is a bit more

(It's so disappointing when you realise that an author you used to think was
really good isn't that great after all.)

Until the sky falls on our heads...


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