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On Tue, 19 Feb 2002 10:44:45 +0800, hemlocke wrote:

>As for her non-Valdemar books, the Serpent's Shadow was a huge joke. Poor
>characterisation coupled with one of the most stereotyped views of Indians
>and Hinduism and a totally uninteresting romance got me seriously irritated.
>One thing that bugs me about Lackey is that she cannot resist preaching her
>personal values through her books - like her thinly disguised feminism. I've
>nothing against feminism obviously, being female but please, do stop the

Heh.  I was griping about this exact same thing last year.  :)  It's in the
archives somewhere, probably.

When I was about thirteen, I read the Arrows of the Queen books and just
loved them.  This was back before I had read much of anything else and I
still enjoyed this sort of female-empowerment.  When I re-read them as an
adult, I couldn't believe I'd ever liked them.  Which goes to show how much
your tastes can change (for the better :).

I don't enjoy Lackey's books because I don't like her writing style and the
content doesn't do anything for me.  But because I have friends who do--one
who buys the books in hardcover--I try not to be overly derogatory.
Commenting on whether or not they're "good," in the abstract
writing-ability-lack-of-cliches sense, is one thing; making fun of other
people's preferences is something else, especially when the other people are
your friends.  They seem to enjoy the bubble-gum aspect and are willing to
put up with the writing for it.

But boy, is it tempting to just start ripping on those books sometimes....

Melissa Proffitt
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