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Mon Jun 24 13:11:09 EDT 2002

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 10:03:50 +1000, Kathleen Jennings wrote:

>In a brief mental lapse I managed to confuse Lackey with mzBradley. Probably
>because I really didn't like Mists of Avalon. I'd like to know people's
>opinions on it, whether I should tackle it again. I know the dislike was
>probably due to external factors - I was sick, had hurt my back and couldn't
>walk, was in bed in boarding school in the middle of summer (generally
>miserable), had reached the conclusion long ago that there was only one
>Arthurian fantasy I could actually stomach and on top of that I was sick of
>druids. So I didn't enjoy it one bit (and didn't finish it either). So I ask
>people with clearer heads - will I have happier memories if I pick it up

If you were sick, and you think you'd like the topic anyway, try it again.
But other than that, what Robyn said about the content goes for me too,
especially about its seeming dated now, when actually it served as a basis
for a lot of later work.  There are sequels (one sequel? can't remember) but
I have no idea what they're about.

I liked it as a teen, but haven't read it since then, so I don't know if
*I'd* enjoy it now.  (Especially since I am no longer fond of Arthurian
fantasy.)  The movie they made was...okay.  Sort of uninspired and
dull-feeling, though the scenery and other visual aspects was beautiful.  My
husband was annoyed at the number of really drawn-out shots that didn't
serve any purpose.

Melissa Proffitt
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