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Nat Case ncase at
Mon Jun 24 10:46:07 EDT 2002

The stick and bucket dance was performed at the Midwest Ale over 
Memorial Day by Oak Apple Morris of Madison. It was really scary.


At 9:08 PM +1000 6/22/02, Kathleen Jennings wrote:
>Terry Pratchett's Lancre Morris side, anyone?. There is much mention of a
>particularly violent dance called the stick and bucket dance performed at
>the all-comers competition (mention = "don't mention that ever again!") The
>dance comes into its own in Lords and Ladies (among other things, a dark and
>hilarious relook at Midsummer Nights Dream). The elves (who are beautiful,
>enchanting, cruel and murderous - and are fascinated by music) are taking
>over and the team manages to keep themselves safe by playing dance music
>(although the accordion starts to melt in the rain) and dancing the stick
>and bucket dance down the mountain, leaving death and chaos in their wake:
>"... one, two .... they won't do nothing 'til the music stops! ... back,
>two, *spin* ... they loves music! ... forward, hop, *turn* ... one and six,
>beetle crushers! ....... wandering angus down the middle .... Remember when
>... three, turn ... we won the cup against Ohulan Casuals? ... *spin*..."
>"Jason, you don't mean --"
>"... one two.. DO IT... ... one, two ... spin ... ready ... one, two ...
>back ... one, two ... turn ... KILL ... and back, one, two ...
>With a WACK foladiddle-di-do, sing too-rah-li-ay"
>Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar.
>How destitute is a heart that misses nothing.
>        - Ýmir, Einar Benediktsson
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