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> wrote:
>> because I really didn't like Mists of Avalon. I'd
>> like to know people's
>> opinions on it, whether I should tackle it again.
I avidly disliked it, enough that I would have given up, except I was 
reading it for class.*  I was partially irritated by the new-agey, feminist 
to the exclusion of strong male characters, artificial feel of the book. 
As I got further in, my dislike grew do to the use of "catch phrases" (she 
says one character, I can't remember whom is a "characature" of someone 
else /every single time/ she mentions that person or every single time she 
mentions someone else their long black hair just has to flow...)  I was not 
at all surprised to learn at a Con last year the Bradley used to write seems to suits her style:my impression is that she writes 
at a superficial level and she seems to lay this trust somewhere that if 
she repeats the same words, and the same characters the reader will fall 
back on SOMETHING to keep interested, except IMHO, there rarely is 
something to fall back on.
Just my few cents worth...

 *(We were allowed to choose any SF/F book and then turn in a book report, 
so I wasn't being taught the book, I was only reading it as an 
optional-mandatory in that I could have read anything as long as it 
fulfilled the page limit (and if I stopped there was little else that would 
have reached the page limit and I was on vacation on one of the smaller 
Hawaiian islands with no good bookstores to find something else) 
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