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> >> What is a Gary Stu?
> > A male Mary Sue. I've also heard it termed Marty Stu.
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> um... help me!  what's a Mary Sue? :)

It's a term from SF Media fandom, relating to fan fiction, specifically,
a character in a story who is too perfect to be true, who takes over the
story at the expense of the other characters, who is a wish-fullfilment
fantasy of the author.  Mary-Sue is female, and so are most fan fiction
authors.  To call a character a Mary-Sue is an insult.  Apparently the
first (or most famous early) appearance of this kind of character was in
a Star Trek story which featured Lt. Mary-Sue as the, er, heroine.

Check out <> for more
information; it gives details about the main variants of the critter.

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