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Mon Jun 24 07:38:26 EDT 2002

--- Kathleen Jennings <s368333 at>
> In a brief mental lapse I managed to confuse Lackey
> with mzBradley. Probably
> because I really didn't like Mists of Avalon. I'd
> like to know people's
> opinions on it, whether I should tackle it again.
I liked it better than the Darkovers (aside my wife
calls one of her items of clothing Marion because it
is a "dark overcoat"), but prefered the one about
Cassandra even more. Mists of Avalon does have far too
many new-agey overtones which is a guaranteed turn of
for me. But i did think it was a vaild extension of
the Matter of Britain, better than most (not as good
as Th White - but as good as mary Stewart or Parke
Godwin). One day I'll have to try Tolstoy's one about
Merlin again. My wife and daughters all love it.

 had reached the conclusion long ago that
> there was only one
> Arthurian fantasy I could actually stomach and on
> top of that I was sick of
> druids. So I didn't enjoy it one bit (and didn't
> finish it either). So I ask
> people with clearer heads - will I have happier
> memories if I pick it up
> again.

Which one DID you like (unless it was TH White)?

> (Just found out that there was a movie made of it
> last year).

I have seen this on DVD, not too bad really, for
something to watch - lets face it there is not a great
deal of good fantasy  available. Has anyone seen
Gormenghast - I missed it when it was on and it
doesn't seem to be on Video?

Jon Noble

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