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> << the Treasure Seekers and the other Bastable books are really funny, while
> there is a much more serious pair of time-travel stories (names of which
> escape me). >>
> Ah, yes. The House of Arden and Harding's Luck. House of Arden is actually
> one of her weaker stories. Se seems frankly bored by her viewpoint
> characters, and I'll agree that Edred is a dull little stick. But lame Dickie
> Harding from Deptford is one of her deepest and most fully developed
> characters. Certainly one of her most seriously intended ones. Harding's Luck
> is seriously weakened by being tied so solidly to House of Arden. If you can
> find these, Dickie (while a bit of a Gary Stu) is one of her most memorable
> characters and Harding's Luck her greatest departure from her typical pattern
> of telling her styories of the adventures of middle-class children.
> --
Being called Edred is a bit of a burden for any child!  Nesbit was in
position - like Mother in the Railway Children - of having to write to
support her family, and I expect sometimes had to write what her
audience/publisher demanded instead of what she was most interested in.
I've never been able to find a copy of Harding's Luck - must look on
Amazon...  What is a Gary Stu?


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