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--- Kathleen Jennings <s368333 at>
> I won't write about trilogies. They're a commercial
> form and that's as
> legitimate as any. Authors have to live too. I just
> wish some authors would
> learn how to write them, and no, I can't give any
> titles/names here, because
> they are mostly the books that just weren't
> memorable. Trilogies, I think,
> have to be very tight - each book self-sustained but
> interlinking.
> Is LOtR a trilogy? It's three volumes, but that
> doesn't necessarily make it
> so. I think of it as a trilogy insofar as I think of
> Pride and Prejudice as
> a trilogy. Both were published in three volumes, but
> there's only one story,
> complete and indivisible. (Some people may not get
> past the first volume,
> but that doesn't mean they feel like they've read a
> complete section. Just
> listen to the people in the cinemas who didn't know
> it was only part 1!)
> Anyway, that was me not talking about trilogies.
> Kathleen
LOTR is only a trilogy in a publishing/ marketing
sense. JRRT always considered it one novel published
in three volumes. His original publication ideas were
two or six volumes. Of courser that hasn't stopped it
starting the trilogy trend in fantasy, many of which
are not really trilogies either - even when they
manage to stop at book three. Each volume in a trilogy
should be independant in itself.

Jon Noble

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