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> Kathryn asked...
> > So, if by some faint chance my local library has some older Mercedes
> > Lackey, what would you reccommend as the pinnacle of her work?
> > So I can give her one more try?
> I'm fond of the "Last Herald-Mage" trilogy ("Magic's Pawn", "Magic's
> Promise" and "Magic's Price").  They do very much appeal to the teen-angst
> area - I loved them first because they reflected my own angst; I reread them
> now for comfort-fodder.  I also like the later Valdemar trilogies, "Mage
> Winds" and "Storm Winds" (though both have irritating flaws; I skip all of
> Darkwind's chapters in the first "Mage Winds" book because he annoys me, and
> the ending of "Storm Winds" is a bit anticlimactic).
The Last Herald-Mage trilogy is what I consider to be her best. My
personal favorite is By the Sword, probably because that's the one I read
first, but Kerowyn's just a great character. And I still really like (and
indeed, have reread recently, even though I gave up after struggling
through the Mage Winds trilogy, which annoyed me by having blatant
contradictions to many previously written things) the Tarma and Kethry
books, Oathbound and Oathbreakers. Since especially in Oathbound the two
of them are on the move constantly, there's not that sense of having to
keep track of not only the cast of thousands in the book you're reading
but also of the cast of thousands of the previous book. And I like reading
about people being competent.

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