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On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 10:18:42AM -0600, rohina at wrote:
> I have just read her most recent Valdemar book (about Skif), and now I
> am rereading Oathbound, and I have to say that the contrast is
> startling. I thought it was just me getting jaded, but the writing is
> seriously worse in the later book. Partly she is suffering from
> McCaffrey syndrome - making the plot of a short story last a whole novel
> by fleshing it out with detail from the fantsty world.

You mean to say that Lackey actually *did* used to be able to write?
None her books that I read in an attempt to figure out why so many
people loved her books... none of them enabled me to figure it out.  My
(possibly unjustified) generalization about Lackey was that she managed
to take *out* the sense of wonder from her books, and make magic
mundane.  If she's suffering from burnout, that could possibly explain
it.  She wouldn't be the only one; not just the abovementioned Anne
McCaffrey, but I'd definitely say that Andre Norton suffered from it

So, if by some faint chance my local library has some older Mercedes
Lackey, what would you reccommend as the pinnacle of her work?
So I can give her one more try?

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