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Sun Jun 23 17:36:30 EDT 2002

Kathleen asked...

> I was wondering if trains feature
> frequently/at all the DWJ novels I haven't read. Or in any other novels I
> might not have heard of yet, for that matter.

There's Polly's train journeys to and from Bristol in "Fire and Hemlock", I
suppose.  (Which caused me to insist, the one time I visited Bristol, on
being taken to see Temple Meads station!)  Cat and Gwendolen go by train to
Chrestomanci Castle in "Charmed Life".  There's quite a lot of train stuff
in "A Tale of Time City".

On non-DWJ stuff, I highly recommend tracking down a copy of "The Old Powder
Line" by Richard Parker (almost certainly out of print, unfortunately); a
time-travel story in which the time travel is achieved via a steam train.

That's what immediately springs to mind, anyway.


Until the sky falls on our heads...


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