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> I have just read her most recent Valdemar book (about Skif), and now I
> am rereading Oathbound, and I have to say that the contrast is
> startling. I thought it was just me getting jaded, but the writing is
> seriously worse in the later book. Partly she is suffering from
> McCaffrey syndrome - making the plot of a short story last a whole novel
> by fleshing it out with detail from the fantsty world.

I completely agree with you. My most recent read by her was Brightly Burning
(or something like that - the book about Lavan Firestorm). I had been
getting off her books for some years already, but decided to give them one
more chance. I thought the book awfully boring and repetitive of her earlier
stuff and it really didn't have that much of a story (like you said, a short
story's worth made to last a whole novel).

I guess she has at least partly burnt herself out, because, IIRC, she has
written (and co-written) a really large  number of books in a fairly short
number or years. Another thing, of course, is that *I* have grown up and
don't really enjoy the angsty teenage stuff anymore =).


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