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Sun Jun 23 11:58:59 EDT 2002

> Would you be able to give some examples of this? I can pick US and UK
> authors fitting your descriptions, but am having trouble with the 
> Aussies.I can only think perhaps Victor Kelleher? But others such 
> as Sally Odgers
> (as she just said as I wrote this!), Garth Nix, Catherine Jinks, Ruth
> Park...(sorry, can't think of others off the top of my head) 
> definitelydon't have this feel to me.

There's one author who springs to mind for me as fitting Kathleen's
model (though not quite the 'hot' part - in fact, I have a theory that a
lot of Australian authors write about snow <cough, Nix, cough> so as to
disguise their Aussie-ness), and that is Kate Forsyth. She has a 5 or 6
part 'trilogy' set in a Celtic-type world. It is v. post-holocaust in
that when the first book starts magic is forbidden, and many magic-users
have been killed and/or persecuted.

I try to support and read Australian fantasy, and some of it is good,
like Juliet Mariliar's Celtic series (the first book is based on the
fairy story about the 7 swan brothers, for those of you who like fairy
tale retellings). On the other hand, the only book I have ever thrown
into the trash at a bus stop because it was so bad was a novel by Traci


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