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On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 03:12:18PM +1000, Emma Comerford wrote:
> Kathleen: 

> >Australian fantasies - its an odd feeling, something to do with the fact
> >that the story almost always feels hot (temperature-wise, deserts, haze,
> >whatever the weather actually described), and that it is so often
> >post-holocaust. I don't know why I notice this or why I dislike it. Just one

> >By that I mean, Australian fantasy usually has a gritty, post-holocaust feel
> >and is often very much into interrelationships and the personality of the
> >characters. 
> Would you be able to give some examples of this? I can pick US and UK
> authors fitting your descriptions, but am having trouble with the Aussies.
> I can only think perhaps Victor Kelleher? But others such as Sally Odgers
> (as she just said as I wrote this!), Garth Nix, Catherine Jinks, Ruth
> Park...(sorry, can't think of others off the top of my head) definitely
> don't have this feel to me.
> Actually, now that I think about it, I've read only a little adult
> Australian fantasy, so that might account for my lack of understanding!

But how much Australian fantasy is there out there anyway?  Is there
enough to generalize?

Besides whom you've mentioned, let's see...
- Patricia Wrightson ("The Nargun and the Stars" etc)
- Who wrote "The Magic Pudding"?

If you count SF as well
- John Marsden (his SF is definitely postapocalyptic)
- is Louise Lawrence Australian?
- Damien Broderick & Rory Barnes have written at least one YA novel.
("Zones" -- it was good, character-full time-paradox story -- and for
once, once in a thousand, an SF novel set in the present day actually
described a place I *knew*!)

But as for feeling hot, well, it *is* hot here -- except in Tasmania.

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