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Amaya Booker amaya at
Sun Jun 23 02:46:08 EDT 2002

Kathleen mentioned that the only people she knew who read DWJ were people
who'd taken it up on her recommendations. I find a lot of DWJ fans say the
same thing.

So... how did you find DWJ?

When I was about 10 I went to the Mary Ryan Book shop in Paddington (the
original, now sadly closed), as I did most weekends to pick up new books. At
the time it was still run by Phil Ryan, and being regular customers he knew
us well and always had time for a chat. I didn't know quite what to buy, and
he pulled out a copy of The Lives of Christopher Chant, pushed it into my
hands and said I'd love it. Of course I did... and as years went by I picked
up every DWJ book I could find... which for years wasn't very often. Some of
the recent reprints of her books are a godsend since I'd spent years
tracking down some of her books to no avail. I've pushed it on many other
people myself now... but how about you?


I'm not a goth, they're too pretentious...
I'm above that.
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