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> Wow, someone else from Brisbane! For some reason, knowing another list
> member attends the same university and knows the same shops as I do is
> exciting! Perhaps because the only people in "real life" I know that have
> heard of DWJ are those who have read her books due to my recommendations.

There are a few Australians. It's oddly gratifying - we manage to think we
are a world power, cosmopolitan, etc, but get a couple of Australians
together overseas and they become best friends and painfully patriotic at
the drop of a hat. I guess deep down we know we have a population one-tenth
of our nearest neighbour and probably ought to stick together.
Same reason fantasy-lovers are so enthusiastic about meeting someone who
reads the same books. Like meeting relatives you didn't know you had.
There's a small enclave of us here at college, gradually working on
corrupting each new batch of first-years. I own several copies of my most
frequently-lent books, and send them out at regular intervals, and stand and
wait on shore until they sail back to me. Am currently hooking two people on
And I'm suppposed to be studying too - my supervisor wants to see Evidence
of Work tomorrow. Ack.


Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar.
How destitute is a heart that misses nothing.
       - Ýmir, Einar Benediktsson
Kathleen Jennings
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> >Hi, I'm Kathleen Jennings, Australian, short-time lurker who has been
> >to reply to this because of suddenly being snowed under by combination
> >assessment/email  blizzard. Am now daring to sit up and look around.
> >
> >Name: Kathleen Jennings
> >
> >I live in: a residential college in Brisbane, Qld (which I like at the
> >moment because the weather has just turned cold)

> Actually, it's been very intersting seeing the geographical spread of
> listees this survey...are there a lot more Australians this time? That's
> subjective impression. I COULD go and look up the summary from last time
> and then add up everyone from this round, but I am supposed to be studying
> very hard today!
> Emma :)
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