Obernewtyn (was recommended books)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sun Jun 23 00:38:49 EDT 2002

> Warning: if you don't like generalisations, don't read what follows.
> I find the "cultural thing" in fantasy really obvious - does anyone else?

I know just what you mean, Kathleen - only I find Brit fantasy has a cool
and misty feel, even if it isn;t Celtic. The merry-band US stuff doesn't
sell to publishers in Aus, and funny-fantasy isn't popular either, except at
the very primary-school agegroup. (I just had a funny fantasy published and
my editor say - "it goes down well with people who know fantasy, but the
others say - "huh?" " She's referring to pre-publication "buyers" by the
way. )

I'm Australian, and none of my stuff is "gritty, post-holocaust", nor is it
"hot". That's probably because I'm Tasmanian and optimistic by nature. If
you're interested in the Tassie-take, check out some of mytitles at the
library. You'd probably like the YA stuff best. I'll send you a reading list
off-list, but don't feel compelled to *read* it!



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