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I guess I'd better introduce myself too, having leapt before looking...

Name: Kathryn Andersen

Occupation: sitting at a computer and typing -- oh, you mean, what I do
for a living?  Er, sitting at a computer and typing, I mean, a computer
programmer, aka Software Engineer if I feel like being pretentious.
Non-paid occupations include fan-fiction writer, webmaster, fanzine
editor, artist, craftsperson, netizen, avid reader.
Age: 36

Married: no.  But I am an aunt.
Children: no.  But I am an aunt.
I live in: my own home in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which I don't
like at the moment because the weather has just turned cold...
How I discovered the list: Oddly enough, I was looking for references to
the Liaden universe on the web (having only just discovered it), and
there was one post in the list's archive where someone mentioned it, and
I started browsing through the archives, thought it looked fun, and
being a longtime fan of DWJs work, decided to join.

Favourite DWJ: It varies... "Howl's Moving Castle" is one that I quite
often re-read with fondness.  Or the whole Dalemark Quartet.
Or "Power of Three".  Or "Charmed Life"... It really is hard to decide.
First DWJ novel: I think it was either "The Ogre Downstairs" or "Charmed

Favourite authors: <> though I should
probably go through it and update it again... particularly since this
current discussion has reminded me of some old favourites.  And besides,
that list is too big, and doesn't pick my favourite favourites...
So let's see...
C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton, Lois McMaster Bujold,
Diana Wynne Jones, Georgette Heyer, Gillian Bradshaw, Patricia McKillip,
Zenna Henderson, Joan Vinge, Robert Heinlein, Jane Austen...
(I think I'll stop now)

Number of books owned: er, 16 shelves worth?  I'm not gonna go count
the actual books.  And 3 shelves of non-fiction and 2 shelves of fanzines.
I own 6 bookcases, let's leave it at that...

Favourite music: (soft) rock, ambient/electronic, folk, classical.
Though what I have the most of is rock; Beatles, Moody Blues, ELO,
Alan Parsons, Billy Joel, John Farnham/LRB, Sting, Cat Stevens, DC Talk...
Also love Enya and Clannad and Iona, like Steeleye Span and Stan Rogers,
Simon & Garfunkel, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Loreena McKennit,
2nd Chapter of Acts...
My classical collection is limited to a little Beethoven, Tchaikovsky
and Handel.

> head (why?). Oh - and Flanders and Swann, of course. !
Oh, of course!  How could I forget them?

Kathryn Andersen
"First things first - but not necessarily in that order."
			-- The Doctor
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