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Sat Jun 22 17:14:56 EDT 2002

>> First DWJ novel: One of the above - don't remember. No! I have very vague
>> memories of what *might* have been a Chrestomanci novel - stone lions
>> coming to life and two children in a shoebox - does this ring bells? I'd
>> like to know what it was.
> Could it be _The Magicians of Caprona_?  The shoebox definitely, but
> could the stone lions be iron griffins?  I need to reread MoC soon, so
> I'm not sure I'm not forgetting stone lions.
iirc, there *are* stone lions in MoC that come to life.  If ther e*aren't* 
the memory is definetly a logical one -- at least for a few copies of MoC. 
My copy (MagicQuest) has Angelica and Tonino in front of this grand 
building with two big Stone lions on its cover, and I think a fefw other 
copies have a similar picture (I'm having trouble remembering what the copy 
I originally read looked like, and that was when I was 8 or 9 so I may be 
making it up, but I think that one may have had rearing stone lions, too)
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