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Anita Graham amgraham at
Sat Jun 22 07:47:37 EDT 2002

> Hi,
> Someone recommended Michael Ende. His books are the one I clearly remeber
> being read by my mother; we always joked that the "Neverending Story" (Die
> unendliche Geschichte) would take us forever to read...
> Which of his books have been translated?
> I've always loved the puppet adaptation of "Jim Knopf and the wild 13", I
> had the feeling they hardly left somthing out...
> Bettina
Momo has been translated, and so has Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver.
Is "Jim Knopf and the wild 13" the same book or a sequel.

I have a US translation of Jim Knopf (and it seems to have belonged to the
proofreader, which is ironic, as there are so many proof reading errors).
However, we did have a copy of it when I was a child, and I'm sure I
remember one or two fragments which aren't in the copy I have now.


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