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Sat Jun 22 03:06:36 EDT 2002

> Well, one could argue that it would depend on the boy or the girl...
> General rule might be, again, that the ones with girl protagonists 
> mightnot be good to reccommend to a boy, but that's only a rule of 
> thumb.Probably the ones that are more relationshippy wouldn't be 
> good for
> boys.
> "The Ordinary Princess" doesn't have enough adventure in it for a 
> boy, I
> don't think.  Neither would something like "Charlotte Sometimes".
> Wheras "The Blue Sword" is very adventuresome, even though the
> protagonist is female. 

Look, not to get too flamey, but goodness this idea offends me. It is so
sexist. Boys don't like reading about character, they prefer action,
girls like reading about lerve. And you might argue that it is *true* at
some level, but why reinforce stereotypes like this? My much younger
brother loved relationshippy books (he read Sweet Valley high with my
sister and I). Look at what they watch on tv: lots of boys watch shows
like Dawson's Creek and Felicity, and girls watch Angel.


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