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On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 06:57:04PM +1000, Gross Family wrote:
> > I don't think that I've seen Edward Eager yet?
> >
> > Jackie S.
> I was *just* about to mention Edward Eager! His books are wonderful. They
> feature a family of children having magical adventures--a bit reminiscent of
> Nesbit, but American, and funnier and wonderfully whimsical, with dollops of
> gentle irony. The books come with whimsical illustrations to match. You can
> see the influence of CS Lewis without the religious angle.
> As a child, I loved a book called _The Amazing Mr. Whisper_ (I think) by

Oh, that reminds me!  "My Friend Mr. Leakey" by I-forget-whom, was a
nice slim book about an ordinary gentleman who had a friend who was a
magician, and the odd little adventures he had.  One thing that stood
out was the time he want to a fairy shop (which is never in the same
place twice, of course) and was very glad he had the exact change,
because fairies are terribly insulted if you don't give them the exact
money.  After that, I always tried to give, if not the exact money, an
amount which would be less hassle to shopkeepers in giving me change.
Funny how the oddest things influence one.

The illustrations inside the book reminded me of the picture in "The
Little Prince" -- has anyone mentioned "The Little Prince"?

> The same year, I discovered _A Wrinkle in Time_ by Madeleine L'Engle.
> Someone--Kathryn, I think--mentioned her as well. I adored _AWiT_, and I
> love some of her other books, but some are way too preachy for my taste.
> (Even the ones I like tend to be on the preachy side.)

There's been more than one mention of finding Madeline L'Engle too
preachy... sometimes I find fantasy authors (like Gail Baudino for
example) too preachy on the other side, preaching neopaganism, and that
gives me the irrits.
> Zenna Henderson's "People" books and short stories,

Oh yes!  I love the People stories.  I didn't discover them until I was
grown, and they're very hard to find.  I was really very happy when I
found a copy of "The Anything Box" in a second-hand bookstore in a
country town where I was visiting friends...

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